22 November 2019 / Nazca

Travelblog South America - Peru part II

Travelblog South America - Peru part II
It's been a while ago since i posted a travel story. I have so much to share with you all but I am not really a blogger and have to practice a lot with writing in english. My story from Peru brings us to Nazca. That was a dream destination of me. We took a bus to Nazca from Ica. The connection is very good. I dreamed of the mythical Nazca lines for a long time now! Read a lot about it and finally we can experience them! It's still not clear why there are so many lines in that area and what they mean. The best story i have heard is of course the alien story! Inca people made these long lines in the dessert floor as landingstrips for ailien aircrafts! If you see those lines you instantly believe that storie. It looks like they run for miles and are accurate straight. The figure giant looks like an alien waving to the sky! That's why many people think its a wave to outer space, to the Aliens! (source www.wikipedia.org)

My picture were you see the lines disappear in the distance!

That's almost unbelievable that they didn't have a flying machine to watch what they were making. They made the lines between 500 BC and 500 AD. The top 5 cm of the desert floor was removed The rocks and pebbles were laid down to form the lines and the inner part of that line was swept clean with a broom! Underneath the rocks and pebbles there was an light grey clay bottom. That color meda a big contrast with the surrounding red like clay and pebbles what made it very visible! Most of the lines have a depth of about 10 cm to 15 cm deep. Because of the desert climate, dry and low on winds, the lines are nice preserved.
If you want ti visit the lines you can take a little plane and fly over the terrain. But be carefull, a lot of accidents happened with those planes. A lot of cowboys over there! Look on tripadvisor to find a safe one!
We were traveling on a budget and from the city there is a bus going to a lookout tower where you can see two of those figures.


The following lines are visible from this tower. The tree and Hands!

The area is closed for all access. It is now an Unesco World Heritage site! You have to have a permit if you want to go in to the dessert but not many are permitted! Only archaeologists may enter the area.
In 2014 Greenpace thought it was a nice site for him to protest against climate change! They entered the site of the hummingbird and layed down banners. They cost a lot of damage to the site as is seen over here on this news website!


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