01 April 2021 / North Holland

Photographing the coast of the Netherlands!

Photographing the sunset at the beach of Petten. Petten is a smal town in the Northern part of the province of Noord-Holland! Yes, and that's where the sure name of my country comes from, Holland! We have two provinces with the name Holland in them. North and south Holland. So if some one say's he is from Holland he probably lives in one of those two provinces. (pot in a map below)

Petten beach!

Because of the some remote location of this beach its usually very quiet here.
But a couple of years ago, some artist build a landschap art piece on the beach and now many Dutch photographers come here to take pictures of it. Specially Instagrammers! I say influencing really works. And now someone put up a swing on the art piece and all these influence ladies come here to :D This artwork consists of a 160 poles of six to twelve meters in length. The poles are in the form of ten houses and a church. It is a reminder of the old village of Petten, which was flooded by the sea in the year 1792!

Efix F16 3,2 sec ISO 320
Efix F16 3,2 sec ISO 320

Its difficult to look for the wright composition because so many poles are there so it quickly becomes to full ore to busy in the picture (do i say this correctly)

The beach over here flushed away over the last decay and that was the time for a complete renovation. Sounds strange but the dunes are new and the beach is also totally new. they started putting new sand on the beacht and filling the dunes again. A total of 40 million cubic meters of sand sourced from sea is put on the dunes and the beach stretched out to sea for about 300 meters. We made a bit of new land again, we are good in making ore small land slightly bigger.

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